Ceramics & technology

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Triangles, balls, ellipses, cones, cylinders, pyramids – these are just some of the formats in our range, all available from the honing mixtures through to the abrasive ones. We also produce ceramics for super-polishing processes, and high-density ceramics for chemical finishing.

Our modern, automated production systems are continuously monitored by the most up-to-date technology, to guarantee constantly high quality levels and the best technical standards throughout the production process, from the smallest pieces (1.5mm) to the largest (60mm).


Chemical products and solutions


Our ceramics can work with water alone but, for all those customers who require additives to improve the process, we have developed a range of chemical products to meet your varying needs. We produce solutions for degreasing, polishing and surface protection, as well as pastes and products for vibropolishing and chemical finishing.




we have a modern laboratory and test room where different vibrofinishing machines are used to develop and test our products.

The CIMA technology and experience are at your service to study or improve your vibrofinishing process, and to carry out sampling test.

Our technicians can boast long-term experience in this field, and will be happy to advise you on ther most suitable solutions for your own specific needs.

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Environment a costant priority


Using a ceramic abrasive for vibrofinishing not only offers technical advantages, but also lessens the environmental impact. Our ceramics, in fact, are produced with 100% European raw materials, all of a natural origin and obtained from certified suppliers to guarantee a top quality product that’s also a Friend of Nature.

The chemical production uses raw materials from the best European producers, working in total respect of the European Community safety and environmental Standards.